The rut is really picking up pace across the country, big deer are falling and life is good! And the action should only go up from here! But….there is a heat wave about to hit middle america and I have a sneaky suspicion that this will suppress a lot of daytime rut movement we are all hoping to see. That being said, lets take a look at what the Rut Reporters of Field & Stream have been hearing across the country and then be sure to visit the Rut Reporters site for full regional break downs of rut activity and tactics for hunting our current situations!

West: “Rutting activity of one sort or another has been reported throughout the West where whitetails occur, but unusually warm weather seems to have subdued the action, or at least kept it under the veil of darkness. PATIENCE is the word from the best hunters I’ve contacted. The deer can’t cheat their biological clocks too much, and the calendar doesn’t lie.”

Great Plains: “From what I’ve been hearing, deer activity has been spotty over the past week as bucks shift their patterns. Movement has not been consistent, with some evening activity reported and lots of nocturnal pictures showing up on trail cameras. The little bucks that had been scrapping for the past week to 10 days have given way to the big boys that are starting to strut their stuff.”

More region specific info can be found on the full site, and as an added nugget be sure to check out an article titled Rattle Right as the Rut Heats Up. It’s a good read.