It’s officially here! Work is done, my bags are packed and my broadheads are sharpened. I’m heading on my 11 day, three state hunting excursion and I aim to bring back the bacon. Or actually venison in this case. That being said, the first leg of my journey begins this evening as I am flying into Nebraska to hunt with Chad Searcey of Reality Driven Pursuits. Chad’s got some incredible property in SE Nebraska along the Kansas border, and I can’t wait to get my feet on the ground and hands bloody.

As great as our timing should be for the rut, there looks to be a serious heat wave hitting the area with temps upwards of 70 degrees. Hopefully we’ll still be able to see some rutting activity and close the deal on a Nebraska brute. And speaking of Nebraska giants, there have been some big ones taken here in the past. Below I’ve included a couple pictures of the big boys they’ve dropped over the years on this piece of property, including the first buck shown, which Chad arrowed earlier this season!

Being about two hours away from Chad’s home, this property is tough to get back to and check trailcams. But the last time they pulled the cards they got a couple nice bucks and I wouldn’t mind sending my arrow through this tall 8’s shoulder. That being said, word is there are much bigger bucks in the area…so we’ll just have to wait and see.

I’ve also got to send an early thank you to Chad and the Reality Driven Pursuits team for hosting me and filming me as well! I’m so excited for the opportunity to get after some of these Midwest giants and I really appreciate their hospitality. The RDP team has been doing some great work this year and the hunts their getting will make for an awesome first season of footage! For a preview of what’s to come from RDP this season, check out their new intro video!

Intro for RDP from Reality Driven Pursuits on Vimeo.

We’ll be hunting tomorrow morning, so cross your fingers for us and hopefully we’ll have some great footage and a hell of a big buck story to share with you soon!

For more info about Reality Driven Pursuits, check out their site here.