Lefty is dead. For any of you that have been following Wired To Hunt for awhile, you might remember Lefty as the first buck I put on my hit list back in July. I had trailcam photos of him and then video of him in September. He was definitely a visible buck and a real nice one at that. As the months rolled along, it became evident that this buck wanted to get killed. Over the late summer and and early fall months he was spotted repeatedly by friends of mine that lived around the area and it was only a matter of time before someone would get close to him during the season. It finally happened on Friday, Nov 1st for Corina Hotchkin, the sister-in-law of my buddy Dustin!

Corina was hunting on a property just down the road from mine, when Lefty came in right underneath her stand and she put a killing shot on the tall racked buck! Even though I wasn’t able to stick him myself, it was still nice to be able to go check him out for myself. I’m definitely glad someone I knew got him! A special congrats has to go to Corina, because not only is this a great buck, but he is also her first buck with a bow! Lefty ended up scoring out to 122″, smaller than we had predicted, but still an awesome Michigan buck!

For those who hadn’t seen, here are a few trailcam pics we have of Lefty from earlier this year!

You can also check out our video of Lefty here.