Big bucks are falling all around me and this story today is particularly exciting to me because the hunter who dropped this great Michigan whitetail is my girlfriend’s brother-in-law and my good friend, Jeremy Addleman. Jeremy and I actually scouted the property he shot this buck off of together and I’m so glad that our work paid off! This is a really terrific story and it couldn’t have happened to a better guy. Read on to learn how Jeremy bagged his first buck with his brand new bow!

” It was Saturday (11-6-10) around 3:00 PM and I was really debating whether or not I should go hunting that night.  I mean it was 30 degrees, 10-15 mph wind out of the north west and a little snow to top it off.  I had worked all day and I wanted rest and warmth.  Because of my busy schedule and a seven week old little girl I don’t get out much, so I knew I had to go.  Besides, all the big ones are taken on the crappiest days, right? So I bundled up and was in my stand by 4:15.  You know, once I was in the stand pure joy and contentment came over me. I was fully relaxed and in the mood to hunt.

Fast forward two hours, I have not seen anything, I’m losing sun, the temp has dropped at least 3 degrees, wind and snow has picked up and I’m starting to get a little cold.  At about 6:30 I’m starting to believe that whitetail hunting may be the dumbest hobby (sport) known on the face of the earth. I have donated my money to buck tags for years and this one wasn’t looking much different. I’ve managed to make it out 6-10 times and haven’t even seen a doe.  Yea, bummed is an understatement. So at 6:52, I know because I had just checked my phone, I stood up. And as I grabbed my bow (2010 PSE Vendetta XL in Skulz camo), I heard a freight train come crashing through the woods…

One doe ran past without stopping and entered the bean field. Three more stopped 15 yards in front of my stand. I drew back and took aim at the biggest one.  Whack ! I heard the hit. She ran away, crashed and tumbled about 30 yds out. In all my excitement, I mean man I finally got one, I turned to my left back toward the woods and there he was.

Behind a down tree at 10 yards, all I saw was HORNS! Now keep in mind the next part happens in about 10 seconds. I rip an arrow out of my quiver ( Alpine 5 arrow soft mount with Skulz camo), nock it, draw, aim and fire through an opening about the size of a basketball. He took off with an arrow hanging out of his side and ran deep into the woods. I hit him! But how good, I don’t know.  So I got down and went home.  A couple of hours later I couldn’t take it any longer , so a friend and I went looking.  We found blood at the point of impact and the search was on. We tracked the blood very easily for a 100 or so yards into deep woods.  Finally we came upon him. Wow! I was amazed, he was an awesome deer.

My buck ended up being a 10 point, with a 17 inch inside spread,  8 inches for the longest tines and he weighed 200 lbs dressed! I might still be dragging him today if it weren’t for my buddy Travis’ flash light and muscle!  You know I can’t say I was lucky or in the right place at the right time, but I can thank God for answered prayers. He will always provide. I didn’t ask him for horns. I asked for meat for my family and God double blessed me with two awesome creatures. One just may be just a little more awesome than the other! Oh and by the way, did I mention this buck was only my second deer with a bow. Second only to the doe I shot 15 seconds earlier!” – Jeremy Addleman