My trip to Nebraska ended with an empty handed walk back to the truck and sweat on my brow, and it certainly was a fitting ending. Our time in Nebraska unfortunately coincided with near record high temperatures and irregularly low deer movement. But that being said, a bad day hunting is always better than a good day at work and we certainly had a good time down with the Searcey’s in Southeast Nebraska. With temps in the 70’s, action was incredibly low and deer sightings were minimal, with no shooters being seen. But even though we didn’t end up punching out, a good time was had by all.

The first morning started with great promise, as we saw a few does and two young bucks, one of which was chasing a doe right by us! That evening we then were treated to another couple bucks, one of which really put on a show for us. This young eight pointer worked several scrapes, within 15 yards of us and made two rubs as well! It made for a lot of fun to watch and great video too. I actually tried to take a picture of him, but forgot to make sure the flash was off! It almost was our undoing, but luckily he quickly calmed down. Here’s the pic that almost busted us!

Day two was hot and muggy, with no deer in the morning and one fork horn in the evening. With spirits already low, day three started off rough with another deerless morning and mid 70 degree temperatures. With our last hopes lying on the evening sit, Chad and I settled down in our stands looking over a cedar choked draw. With nothing but one doe moving early, Chad knocked together the rattling antlers in a last chance hail mary. A few minutes passed until a large body was spotted coming down the opposite hill side. Quickly pulling up my binoculars, I was able to tell that it was nothing but a young five pointer, but nice to see anyways. As he moved closer to us, we quickly were woke up by a snort wheeze behind us! As I watched to my right, I saw tines moving through the cedars and a second slightly larger buck moved along side of us. Both bucks seemed to be pretty interested in what caused all the commotion, but unfortunately neither were shooters. Never the less, it was still fun to see and on that note my Nebraska hunt ended.

All in all it was a great time and an experience I’ll always remember. Once again, I have to thank Chad Searcey from Reality Driven Pursuits for hosting and filming me this weekend. It was incredibly generous of him to have me down and I really appreciated it. Hopefully the temps cool down and he’s able to smoke a big one next weekend on the opening day of gun season!

On a final note, even though Nebraska withheld from me one of it’s trophy bucks, it seemed to want to give me one last jab. Adding insult to injury, I somehow managed to accidentally schedule my flight for the wrong day. Finding this out Monday morning I had to cancel my flight to Pittsburgh and buy a  brand new ticket. Talk about salt in the wound. This was an expensive tag sandwich to eat! But that’s all behind me now and the journey continues, as we still have Pennsylvania, Michigan and Illinois ahead of us. We’ll keep on trucking, so stay tuned.

For more details of our hunt in Nebraska, check out Chad’s summary on the Reality Driven Pursuits website!