The second leg of my November rut hunt is in the books and unfortunately with similar results as the first. My time spent in Pennsylvania was marked with temps in the high 60’s, low deer movement and almost no sign of rutting action. Everyone in camp agreed that this was the worst hunting they’ve seen in the area in a long time and that’s just how our luck has been this year. That being said, although the deer hunting was slow, good times were still had by all.

This past week in Pennsylvania I was hunting at the “Baer’s Den”, the hunting camp of my Uncle Bill’s family. Tucked back in the hills of Greene County, Pennsylvania this deer camp is a true joy to be a part of and I can honestly say that it is one of my favorite places to spend time during the hunting season. It’s a camp full of laughter, Budweiser, big buck stories and flatulence. The perfect recipe for a good time! I’m not exaggerating when I say that my face literally hurt every day from laughing so much and I can’t thank the Baer’s enough for having me down.

Outside of our time in camp, I saw two young bucks and a handful of does. One of the bucks I saw was chasing a doe, but the other was walking right past does and paying them no interest at all. The warm weather definitely seemed to lower overall deer movement and I couldn’t even get eyes on bucks when I delved deeper into thickets and bedding areas. That being said, there definitely doesn’t seem to be a shortage of big bucks in the area, as hundreds of rubs have been found and several spottings and trailcam photos have identified some brutes. I imagine that once the cold weather kicks in, the rut ought to become more visible and those guys will clean up. Wish I could be there for that!

So overall, once again it was a disappointing trip hunting wise, but a great time with good friends and family. I hope I’ll be able to enjoy many more deer hunting seasons with the Baer’s in Pennsylvania!

As for this season, I’m running out of time and chances to accomplish my goal of harvesting a Pope & Young buck in 2010! I’ll be hunting a few days in Michigan this week as the gun season opens, but unfortunately this will really put a damper on my chances for success with my bow in December. Once gun season opens our bucks really get hit hard and most mature bucks go completely nocturnal. Chances will be slim, but hopefully we can put together a good strategy. That being said, a lot of my hopes and dreams are now resting on the success of my Illinois bowhunt! I leave next Sunday for a week of bowhunting in Adams County, Illinois and I couldn’t be more excited. As tough as this season has been, there’s no use in stressing over the past, so we’ll be focused on the future, working hard and saying our prayers. Hopefully things come together soon!