There is no better time than November to use your calls, so grab your grunts, cans and antlers and make some racket! I think it’s safe to say that we all enjoy calling deer, it’s always cause for a little extra excitement when sitting on stand for long hours and when you actually call in a deer, the feeling is incredible. With bucks fully consumed with finding that “special someone” , they are especially susceptible to our calls and now is the time to pull out all the stops. So here are a few tips for calling in that monster buck this November, including a couple from Michael Hunsucker of Heartland Bowhunter!

  • #1 Rule of calling as far as I’m concerned, if you make a call and a deer starts moving in your direction or is looking at you, don’t call again! Do not call unless the deer is moving away and/or looking away.
  • If you have a mature buck within range of sight, but he isn’t responding to your calls, give him a snort-wheeze. It’s essentially a challenge from one buck to another and it works phenomenally this time of year. I actually was snort -wheezed at 3 times yesterday! But never ended up seeing the buck. (Video showing how to make a snort-wheeze)
  • Use sequences of calls. For instance, try a doe bleat and then several tending grunts afterwards to simulate a buck chasing a doe. Or if you are rattling, throw in aggravated grunts and a snort-wheeze. It will make for a more realistic impersonation of a throw down fight.

Mike’s Tips

  • Rattling and grunting can work great this time of year. I like to use a combination of both and sometimes like to start off with a light rattle and see if anything responds. If nothing does, a few minutes later I will get a little more aggressive with the horns.
  • When using a grunt call I like to sometimes bring a small limb with leaves on it up in the tree with me. Using the leaves to imitate a deer walking by crunching them with your hands can sometimes entice a deer to close the distance.

Do you have any other good calling tips for the rut? Share them in the comments!