It’s good to be a Drury in November, especially if you are the father-son duo of Terry and Matt Drury during the 2010 season! In the last 14 days, the two of them have dropped five amazing whitetails across Missouri and Iowa. Terry, co-founder of Drury Outdoors, harvested two bucks with his bow and a final buck with his muzzle loader, while Matt was able to get one with his TC and one with archery tackle. Between the five bucks, Terry and his son have gotten their hands on 711″ of monster whitetail headgear! All five bucks have their own amazing story to go along with them and I know that Matt and Terry both will remember this November run fondly! To read the full details on these monster bucks, see video recaps of the hunts and to see a whole bunch of great pics, visit the official Drury Outdoors Journal posts linked below.

Terry Drury’s Nov 6 170″ Iowa Whitetail (pictured above)

Matt Drury’s 125″ Missouri Whitetail

Terry Drury’s November 14 150″ Missouri Whitetail

Matt Drury’s Nov 13 131″ Missouri Whitetail

Terry Drury’s Nov 4 135″ Missouri Whitetail