If I had a countdown clock on my wall, it would be ticking down to this day, this week and this moment. The time has finally come for me to take the journey down to Illinois and the land of those famed monster whitetails. My season so far has been filled with bad weather, tough breaks and few deer, but I have a feeling that it’s all about to change. Redemption is only 400 miles away and I can’t wait to get there. I’ve gotta say I am incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to hunt with Oak Tree Outfitters, near Adams County, on some absolutely incredible property down in Illinois. But more importantly than the incredible property is the  quality of the deer that call it home. And pictured above and below are a few of the giants I’m hoping to come face to face with over the next week.

Earlier this year I traveled down to Oak Tree to check out the property, scout around a little bit and get a lay of the land. After a full day in the field, I left with a great feeling about our chances and had a terrific time with our host, Oak Tree Outfitters guide, Josh. From what I’ve heard, over the last couple weeks three really nice bucks have been taken on the property and there have only been around 6 hunters in this entire 1200ish acre area. So I know there are a whole lot more deer tucked safely away in nooks and crannys of this property. Unlucky for them, we’re aiming to find them! Helping our chances this week is the fact that, for once, a cold front will be hitting where I’m hunting! According to the forecast, Tuesday a good cold front should be dropping temps in to the 20’s in the morning and no higher than the 40’s in the evening. With weather in our favor and predictions of a late rut pointing to this week as a good one, my hopes are high and my excitement is at a fever pitch.

We’ll be sure to keep you all updated over the next week and hopefully this trip will end with a tag wrapped around bone, a smile across my face and great memories to last a lifetime.

For more info about Oak Tree Outfitters, visit their website here.