A great big buck story from a fellow whitetail addict, Josh McConnell of The Chase Outdoors…

“I headed out for a ten day hunt on kansas public land on November 5th and planned to stay til the 14th if need be. We had made three unsuccessful trips the year before, as hunting was tough and deer sightings were few and far between. But I decided I would give Kansas one more try and see if it could finally live up to all the expectations. After Scouting and hanging stands on Saturday the 6th, I climbed in for the first set on Sunday morning.

The 2010 season was off to a great start, with twelve deer sightings and one shooter buck. I thought to myself, this year is going to be different. I had already seen more deer in one day than I had in 16 days of hunting last year. Then things got all too familiar in the following days, very few deer sightings, temps were warming up, wind was blowing 30mph and frustration was setting in. Constantly checking the weather on my iPhone, I was anxiously awaiting the promised cold front blowing in on Wednesday night. Temps were going to drop into the 30s and hopefully the deer movement would pick up again.

Just as predicted the deer were back up on their feet in shooting hours. Wednesday evening a 130″ 8 point stepped out at 80 yards and headed off in the opposite direction. Hope had been restored. The next morning I was jacked to get back in the stand, I knew it was going to be a good day. Things started off well when a border line shooter buck came in and worked a scrape and rub about 40 yards out, just as light was starting to  break the sky. At 7:00 the woods came alive. Grunts and the noise of deer running through the leaves caught my attention. Then I see a doe and two bucks running my direction. One buck breaks off and runs right in front of me. Stopping about 60 yards in front of me a 130″ 9pt stops to catch his breath, but resumes his run as he is chased off by this bruiser of a buck. The body size of this deer and the haste of the situation had me confused on his size. All I knew was that he was a shooter. (I’ve been hesitant to tell people this, but I shot him at 60 yards).

After running the 9 pt off, the big 10, which I thought was an 8 at the time, headed back to his doe. I knew this was going to be my only shot, so I took it. He was broadside, slightly quartering away at 60 yards. He ran a mere 20 yards and stopped. Doubting my shot placement and his lack of running, I put another arrow in him and watched him fall 40 yards later. It made for some very awesome footage. After watching the footage, I realized he would have fallen right there. He had started to wobble and was fixing to go down when I shot again. But there was no way I was taking the chance of him getting away. Upon recovery of this deer, I could not believe how big he was. A giant Kansas buck in my eyes and my biggest deer to date. I’m still floating around…Kansas definitely lived up to the hype this year.” – Josh McConnell

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