Just the other day I received an email from a non-hunter, recounting to me some of the very negative experiences she has had with hunters recently and the fact that she wishes more of them acted in a responsible and ethical fashion. I wanted to share this email with you all, as a reminder to all hunters that the way we act individually is projected onto all hunters. There are millions of people and plenty of large organizations fighting to take away our rights to hunt, making it increasingly important for us all to stand up for our sport and portray it to others in a positive light. Take a look at the email below, keep it in mind next time you find yourself representing our sport, and consider reading the article she mentioned, Virtues of the Responsible Hunter.

Subject: on Virtues of the Responsible Hunter – Thanks for your very good article–I ran across it while looking up the dates for the end of deer season.  I’m not a hunter, but I run in the woods of Michigan nearly daily with my dogs, which is a kind of dangerous enterprise even in protected, non-hunting public parks during deer season.  In the past two weeks I’ve seen the remains of two poached deer, in the county nature park where I run on trails and many families walk with their children, and have heard gunshots there.  I was once threatened at gun point by two hunters who were in this park, thought they were on private property, and wanted me to ‘get off their land’.  So many of us have had experiences with irresponsible hunters, and as you say, it gives the sport a bad name.  I hope a lot of hunters find your site.   Your article makes hunting seem like a very honorable and reasonable activity.  I wish more hunters had your view and your sense of ethics, and I hope you will find ways to make your writing on this topic available to many hunters.” – Anonymous

Any thoughts on the topic?