About a month ago, I first wrote about my experiences wearing and hunting in Sitka Gear up to that point in the 2010 season. Overall, I’ve been really happy with how my clothing has performed top to bottom and after another full month of hunting and hunting HARD, I can honestly say I still feel the same way. But one aspect of my new hunting attire continues to really stand out to me and conversely, not stand out to deer. And that is my camo pattern, Forest Optifade.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this stuff works. It definitely looks different or strange when compared to typical camo, but I can’t deny it’s effectiveness when a deer’s eyes are the judge of its quality. After a second full month of hunting, at least to my knowledge, I still have not been spotted in the tree by a single deer. Not one deer has looked up in the tree, seen something they didn’t like and then stared up at me stomping until finally running off. It just hasn’t happened. And I certainly believe this new Forest Optifade has a lot to do with that.

If you are at all interested or intrigued by Forest Optifade, you owe it to yourself to watch the video below. I could try writing all about how well this camo has worked for me and why I think Forest Optifade performs so well, but I think it’s a lot more interesting to see it with your own eyes. This video, the most recent in a series called “The Science of Nothing”, recounts the work behind the development of Forest Optifade and why it truly makes you invisible to whitetails. This is some really fascinating information and I highly recommend checking it out.

When it comes to deer hunting, its function over fashion, and I’m very confident that the Forest Optifade on my Sitka Gear is the most functional camouflage I have ever worn.