Double Deuce is dead and Doug Hampton of Drury Outdoors is the self admitted killer. It took Doug two years of hard work to put this Kansas legend on the ground, but on the last day of bow season, just before the guns started booming, he was able to get it done. Sitting in a ground blind, over a secluded food plot Doug was able to observe a whole slew of deer piling in to eat, with this giant bringing up the tail end. At  6 1/2 years old and 175″ and change, this is a true monster buck. Congrats to Doug and check out the video below for a better look at this stud of a buck. For the full story of the two year quest for this buck, the full video recap and tons of great harvest and trailcam pics of Double Deuce, check out Doug’s post on the Drury Outdoors Journal.