Temperatures across the midwest have in some places hit the single digits, Christmas trees are becoming more common on top of cars than deer and I think it’s safe to say that the late season is officially here! Although many folks now are finishing up their christmas lists, I’ll instead share with you all a list of my favorite whitetail blog posts from across the web! Read on…

Osage County Kansas Produces a 181 Incher for Jeff Simpson – Dream Dirt: Jeff Simpson, Sitka Athlete and outdoor videographer, was on a single minded quest this fall for a giant Kansas buck he dubbed “Him”. It’s pretty incredible that everything came together for him, so check out this post and then visit Jeff’s site to see some really great photos!

Know The Maximum Distance of Your Deer Call – Whitetail 365: An interesting video tip regarding testing how loud your call is and how far out a deer might be able to hear it.

Bowhunt or Die! Episode 8 Recap – Bowhunting.com: If you’re not following Bowhunting.com and their new web show Bowhunt or Die, you really need to jump on the bandwagon. These guys write and produce some great whitetail hunting content and this episode of Bowhunt or Die is just that. Great whitetail hunting. Read the recap here or click one more link to watch the video yourself!

Rattling’s Promised Land – Record Quest: An interesting article about Andrew McKean’s incredible success with rattling down in Texas. A lot of factors lined up to make it possible for him to rattle in 10 different bucks!

Hunt Smart To Tag Out Late – Mike’s Big Deer Blog: Simple, but very solid advice for filling your freezer and your buck tag in the late season. Definitely a must read for new and old hunters.