The title says it all! I’m curious, of the Wired To Hunt Nation, who all has got a buck down so far this year?! Super simple to answer, just vote in the poll below. I don’t care how lazy you are, you can at least click one button! Humor me! Haha. And if you’re particularly proud of your buck, go on over to our Wired To Hunt Facebook page and post a picture for everyone to see. You can even share your story in the comments section here too.

As most of you know, my tags still lay unused, as you can see above. But I know that you guys, the readers, are some of the most dedicated, hardcore, obsessed whitetail hunters in the world. So I’m expecting to see some big bucks and a lot of people in the poll with bucks on the ground! I hope your season has been full of straight shots, great memories and deer on the ground.

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