Starting today we’re going to be featuring some of the most incredible hunting land from across the Midwest on Wired To Hunt, courtesy of our friends at Whitetail Properties. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a whitetail hunting paradise of your own, the Whitetail Properties team is who you need to talk to. That being said, when our buddy, Whitetail Properties land specialist/auctioneer, Jason Smith discovered this property in Woodbury County, Iowa he knew he had found something special. So special in fact that he invited Mike Hunsucker and Shawn Luchtel of Heartland Bowhunter to come and hunt this property this fall and showcase it’s potential. Needless to say, this property lived up to the hype. Read on for Jason and Mike Hunsucker’s thoughts on this property and then be sure to watch the video showcasing this true whitetail mecca.

“I have listed, sold and auctioned many properties.  I see whitetail habitat in every Midwestern State and as far as raw, never touched and never developed properties go, this is the finest I have ever seen.  Properties of this caliber, given the 30 years of protection from hunters and natural state of this property make it a homerun for the right buyer.  The ready to harvest walnut trees on the property should fetch a good check for the new buyer that could pay their entire down payment on the property.  Believe me, you don’t see that very often.” – Jason Smith, Whitetail Properties

Woodbury County Iowa 415 Acres from Jason Smith on Vimeo.

“Little Egypt is a great name for this piece of property. The terrain is some of the most rugged you will find in the midwest. I had just returned from a hunt in the sand hills of Nebraska, and they have nothing on the Loess Hills of Iowa! This terrain however is what makes the hunting so remarkable. It allows bucks to reach maturity and grow to their full potential. Combine that and the fact that this property hasn’t been legally hunted in almost 30 years and you have yourself one heck of a whitetail mecca!” – Mike Hunsucker, Heartland Bowhunter

To see the buck Mike shot on this property in Iowa, check out this post. A Giant Iowa Whitetail for Heartland Bowhunter’s Mike Hunsucker

And for more information about this property, photos and pricing, check out the official listing on the Whitetail Properties website.