Looking for a gift for the fellow hunter who has everything, or maybe you’re looking to add one more item to your own christmas list? Well I have just the thing for you. “Deer Cameras  – The Science of Scouting” is a newly released book from the Quality Deer Management Association and to the hardcore hunter of today, this is one fascinating book. Although I haven’t actually even finished reading the book myself, I’ve been so impressed with the content and scope of this book that I had to share my early thoughts with the Wired To Hunt Nation. If your hunt for whitetails lasts the entire year and you utilize trail cameras as a tool, this is a must read.

As I mentioned, I have not yet completed the book myself, but I am a quarter of the way through and already sold on this book’s value.  I have learned a lot more about trail cameras than I thought was possible and the strategies covered in this book will definitely help me fully utilize my cameras in ways I would have never imagined. Covered in “Deer Cameras” is everything from how to pick a new trail camera, to how to ensure the highest quality photos, how to conduct a trail camera survey and how to use cameras to target mature bucks. Take this tip as an example of some of interesting tactics that are covered in this book; QDMA member Joe Muetzel utilizes a large number of cameras across his property and as soon as he gets one photo of a mature buck, he will move all of his cameras into positions surrounding this initial photo location. This allows him to learn more detailed information about how, when and where this buck is traveling. This is a perfect example of utilizing trail cameras not to just get a nice picture of a deer and know he is in the area, but rather to pattern him and learn more about how this buck uses the land.

There is a  a clear difference between using a trail camera as a fun novelty item and fully using a camera to its full potential to observe, manage and hunt your resident deer herd. Similar to the difference between your occasional weekend hunter and the year round hardcore whitetail chaser, that extra effort, knowledge and sweat makes all the difference between occasional success and consistent achievement of your goals at the highest level. This book is the first manual to  full trail camera utilization and I know that the information within these pages will help make me a more successful and consistent hunter.

Look for a full review of “Deer Cameras – The Science of Scouting” when I finish reading the book cover to cover. But if you don’t want to wait for that, check out the QDMA Shed to buy a copy of this book for yourself. I’m confident that although my recommendation is coming early, it is certainly warranted. Click here for more information and to buy a copy for yourself visit the QDMA Shed.