Just wanted to quickly remind you all of a couple important awards being decided in the next few days that you can all have impact on!

First off, Joe Hamilton, the founder of the Quality Deer Management Association, is up for the Budweiser Conservationist of the Year award. His contribution to deer hunting is almost unmatched and the funding and spotlight this award could bring to the QDMA will be great for our sport. Make sure to give him your vote before the Dec 17 deadline. You can vote here.

Next up we have the Sportsman Choice Awards, which are awarded to the viewers favorite shows on The Sportsman Channel. I honestly am a huge fan of Heartland Bowhunter and Whitetail Properties both and for me it’s a toss up between those two for my favorite hunting show. For favorite “personality” my votes got to go to Hunsucker from Heartland Bowhunter. But thats only because he shares an appreciation for “Rob & Big” reruns with me! haha. And a last key category is best new series, in which I believe Midwest Whitetail deserves strong consideration. To vote for your favorite shows on The Sportsman Channel, click here.

Last on the ballot we have the Golden Moose Awards, which are awarded to the top shows and hosts on the Outdoor Channel!  There are tons of great options for this one, but when it comes to my favorite hunting shows I would have a toss up between Whitetail Freaks, Realtree Monster Bucks and the Drury’s shows. To make your voice heard on this one, vote here.