I am absolutely tickled to share with you all a video today of Terry Drury answering a direct question from me about hunting over late season food sources! You will actually hear Terry say the words “Wired To Hunt”. How cool is that?! You’ve got to watch this video, if only to hear Terry say ” this is from Mark Kenyon and he is, so called, Wired To Hunt!” LOL.

The reason why Terry is answering my question is because of a new segment the Drurys are doing on the Inner Circle. For those of you that don’t know about the Inner Circle, it is a daily video journal from the Drury Outdoors team that features exclusive video tips, stories and information from throughout the season. Recently they’ve added some new weekly segments, such as “Blast from the Past”, where they feature great hunts from years gone by, and “Sneak Peak”, where they show a special preview of hunts from this year that will be featured on the 2011 DVDs and/or shows! The newest segment, “Ask the Drurys”, features Mark, Terry and other members of the DOD team answering a question submitted by a member of the Inner Circle. When I heard about this yesterday, I immediately logged in and posted a question. Lucky for me, mine got picked! So check out the video below, as Terry answers my question about how to pick the correct food source to hunt over in the late season.

The Drury’s also shared with me some additional information to share with you all about the new segment…

“Drury Outdoors is working hard to get all our fans involved, so we want to know what you want to know.  Submit your questions for Ask the Drurys  at www.druryoutdoors.freeforums.org and we will select one question each week to be personally answered by Mark, Terry, or one of our Drury team members on The Inner Circle.  The forum is just a testing ground to see how our fans interact with our online content. If all goes well, we plan on integrating several new ways to involve everyone on DruryOutdoors.com.”

To learn more about the Inner Circle visit the Drury Outdoors website here or check out my previous post about the Inner Circle from October which features some more inside information from Matt Drury.