Wired To Hunt is all about the next generation of hunters and it’s truly exciting for me to see young hunters stepping up and reaching for their dreams in the world of hunting. Today I’m particularly excited about the work of a fellow Michigander, Calvin Beeke, and his new hunting venture Michigan Whitetail Pursuit. At only 19 years old, Calvin has done something that many have dreamed of doing their whole lives. Over the past couple years Calvin has been filming his hunts and this year with the help of his team of 20 guys and girls he has put together a first rate hunting DVD, full of 100% fair chase hunts from one of the most difficult states to hunt, Michigan. Over 30 kills, about evenly split between bucks and does, have been captured in the highest quality video by this team of young hunters. January 10, 2011 Michigan Whitetail Pursuit will become a reality and I know of few more exciting examples of the great things that the next generation of hunters can accomplish. Congrats to the Michigan Whitetail Pursuit Team, can’t wait to see what’s to come next!

To get a taste of what the Michigan Whitetail Pursuit DVD will offer, check out the promo below!