In one of my last reviews of my Sitka Gear, my biggest complaint was the fact that I was getting chilled on stand and this issue came back to haunt me on a frigid Illinois  Thursday morning in late November. After two and a half hours high in a tree, the arctic chill creeped into my bones and down my spine…It would be an early end to my morning hunt. Fast forward one week, this time I’m still perched in a Michigan oak tree comfortably four hours after beginning my hunt and toasty warm. The difference? I now was wrapped in a new layer of Sitka Gear, the Kelvin Jacket and Pants. And with this last layer, my perfect Sitka Whitetail System was complete.

The Kelvin Jacket and pants are two of the best insulating layers available from Sitka and for me they have certainly lived up to their billing. Two key attributes of the Kelvin layers made them just perfect for my uses in the late season, first of which being the extreme warmth that they provided. As I mentioned earlier, before using the Kelvins I was having a hard time staying on stand and this was in part due to my layers and partly due to the fact that I just get cold easily. Both of these problems were solved by the Primaloft One insulation that the Kelvins are packed with. Primaloft One is the highest performance insulating material for warmth and water resistance available and these factors obviously are important in hunting situations. Traditional down fill loses all of its insulating capabilities when it gets wet, Primaloft One on the other hand retains all of its insulation, therfore keeping you warm and dry through the toughest of hunting conditions.

As important as the warmth provided by the Kelvin is, I also really appreciated the fact that these layers are extremely compressible, light and not bulky at all. When layering up in the cold, I’ve always hated feeling like a large marshmallow waddling through the woods and this year in my Sitka, I haven’t had that problem at all. Given the fact that this whole system was developed with the idea of layers in mind, everything fits very nicely and you don’t have the typical bulk and clumsiness that comes with wearing 8 thick layers when you head into the woods. The Kelvin Jacket and Pant are very thin and light, yet still warm, due to the fact that that Primaloft is incredibly compressible and has an extreme heat to weight ratio. When adding this layer to my outfit, I hardly could tell the difference in comfort and mobility, which is incredibly important for a bowhunter.

With the recent addition of the Kelvin layers, I have finally put together a complete Sitka System that can cover every whitetail hunting circumstance from September through January. Great comfort, low bulk and extreme insulation have made the Kelvin jacket and pant one of my favorite pieces in the Sitka lineup and they will certainly be appreciated in future hunting seasons! If you’re exploring the notion of trying Sitka Gear for whitetails next year, make sure you don’t forget about an insulating layer. It could be the difference between an early day out of the woods and a full day of hunting capped with a kill.

Be sure to check back later this month as I will be sharing my final and full review of all my Sitka Gear I have tried this past 2010 hunting season and for more info about Sitka right now, check out the Sitka website.

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