This past Saturday at the ATA Show Casey Keefer, co-host of Backcountry Quest, took some time to share with us the full scoop on the Rack 1 Ignite Whitetail System. The Ignite System is a year round supplement and attractant regimen designed to improve the quality of your deer herd and your whitetail hunting success rates. Still relatively new to the market, Casey’s detailed explanation of how this four part system works certainly was interesting to me and I’m sure many folks this year will be giving the Ignite System a try. With most 2010 deer hunting seasons wrapping up, it’s time to start focusing on 2011 and beginning to supplement your deer might be the next step in your deer hunting journey. Check out the video below for a comprehensive explanation of how the Rack 1 Ignite Whitetail System can help improve your deer and deer hunting success in 2011. Anyone tried Rack 1 yet? Your thoughts?

2011 ATA Show: New from Rack 1 – The Ignite System from Mark Kenyon on Vimeo.