Continuing a long tradition of innovation and performance in the archery industry, G5 has come to market in 2011 with some fantastic looking new products and during last weekend’s ATA show I was able to get the rundown on several of their most exciting offerings. One of these, the Prime bow, has taken the industry by storm with some of the most radical new technologies to be seen on a bow in years. Check out the video below to see first hand the new Prime bows, as well as a great new accessory coming from G5, the Halo 6 quiver.

2011 ATA Show: New From G5 – Prime Bows and Halo 6 Quiver from Mark Kenyon on Vimeo.

For more information about the G5 Prime bow, check out an earlier post in which we detail the new technologies on the Prime and get the scoop on how the Prime bows will fit in with G5’s other bow brand, Quest.

The New Prime Bows from G5