Well we’re finishing off a busy and exciting week coming off of ATA with a bang! I’m excited to let you all know that I’ve joined the Bowhunting.com Pro Staff! Now don’t worry, this won’t effect my work on Wired To Hunt at all. I’ll essentially just be writing a couple additional posts a month to post on Bowhunting.com!

Bowhunting.com is one of my absolute favorite hunting websites and online stores, and I just couldn’t turn down the opportunity to share my experiences with a great new audience full of hardcore hunters just like the Wired To Hunt Nation. Hopefully with this new venture, I’ll be able to reach more hunters who share the same passion as us and together we’ll continue the evolution of the next generation of hunters and the Wired To Hunt Nation!

Now all this being said, I actually just published my first post on Bowhunting.com today and I am particularly proud of it. I would absolutely love it if you took a look at my post, because it really sums up my 2010 season nicely. For any of you that have followed Wired To Hunt throughout 2010, you know it was a tough season for me. But in my new post, I would like to argue that 2010 was in fact my best hunting season ever.

Click the link below to read on…

2010 – My Best Hunting Season Ever – Mark Kenyon – Bowhunting.com

Let me know your thoughts!