Over the past year, there has been a ton of interest in what has happened to Chris Brackett, the former host of Arrow Affliction. Arrow Affliction fans have been surprised to see a new host this year on their beloved show and many have been less than pleased about it. Fear not Brackett fans, he is back and possibly better or maybe more appropriately, badder than ever. I interviewed Chris last February and during our discussion he described his new project as hardcore, intense and unlike anything seen before on outdoor television. Now after seeing the just released promo for his new show “Fear No Evil”, I think it’s safe to say that he lived up to his word. Love him or hate him, Chris Brackett certainly takes it to a new level.  Check out below the first look at Chris Brackett and his country singing co-host Zac Brown in their brand new sneak peak of “Fear No Evil”. And to read my interview last year with CB in which he explains why he left Arrow Affliction and his plans for the future, click here.

ATA Promo from zbb films on Vimeo.

What are your guys’ thoughts on the new show?