One of the most, if not the most useful hands on guides I have ever seen for a hunter is the topic of our review today. This book, Gut It, Cut It, Cook It, is aptly titled and filled with exactly what it promises. Easy to understand, straight forward advice and instructions for field dressing and butchering your own deer. For those that have never went through the process of butchering your own deer, this book will make it possible! And for those that have been butchering for years, this book will help you do it better, enlighten you on new techniques and improve the end quality of your butchered venison! Needless to say, I highly recommend this book!

The meat and potatoes of this book is devoted to step by step instructions on how to correctly gut and then butcher your deer. But what this book offers that most others don’t is a plethora of step by step photos to go along with the instructions. Honestly, the world’s worst butcher, ie. ME, could follow these instructions and get the job done. In addition to the basics, you’ll also learn all sorts of interesting tips on pretty much any other topic that might be involved with the end quality of your venison. Everything from shot placement, to hanging your deer, to how you transport your carcass, to what knives to use is covered with helpful advice and good reason. In the end after successfully gutting and butchering your deer, the tips at the end of the book on properly cooking venison will help make your bounty a true feast fit for the table. Also included is a great bonus cd with recipes, field dressing diagrams and meat cut charts.

Quite simply this is the most comprehensive and helpful literature I have found to date on properly getting your deer from the field to the table. It’s easy and enjoyable to read, the pictures are wonderful and the content is incredibly helpful. I would have never felt comfortable butchering a deer 100% by myself before this book, but now I am ready to go. If you’re looking for new insight into how to best gut, butcher and cook your deer next year, this book is for you. Two thumbs up on this one.

Anyone else read Gut It, Cut It, Cook it? What are your thoughts?

To pick up a copy of your own, check out Gut It, Cut It, Cook It in the Deer & Deer Hunting Online store.