For the past several years the Quality Deer Management Association has been releasing a comprehensive report on the state of deer and deer hunting in America and the 2011 edition is now available! The Whitetail Report is honestly one of the most information packed  documents you can get your hands on if you’re interested in all things whitetail for the most recent year. Whether you need to see some hard data in regards to harvest numbers, or are just interested in learning more about whitetail management strategies, this report is for you.

Included in the report are topics such as:

– Deer Harvest Trends: Antlered and antlerless harvest rates and age structure trends

– Current Issues and Trends: A possible decline in record book bucks harvested, the timing of the 2010 rut, opening day harvest numbers, a surge in youth hunters and CWD

– Reference and Research: Whats the best deer density, is culling neccessary, fawn recruitment rates, aging bucks on the hoof and much, much, more.

And here is one example of an interesting tidbit from the 2011 Whitetail Report to wet your appetite…

In photoperiod-controlled experiments, deer can grow up to three sets of antlers per year or retain their antlers
for more than one year!

If you’re as fascinated by deer and deer hunting as I am, I’d highly recommend checking this report out. To download your own free copy of the QDMA’s 2011 Whitetail Report click here.