We’ve all heard it, a couple fellas sitting around the wood burning stove or at a smokey bar lamenting about the good ole days of hunting seasons past. The days when ten point bucks stormed out of the swamp and bird dogged their way right in front you, every time a seat was taken against a downed cedar tree. The days of buck poles a mile long and men that stood 10 feet tall in front of them. The days when men were men and a deer strewn across a car hood was more likely to be seen than a hatch back electric excuse for a car with a peace and love bumper sticker on the back.

As great as all of that sounds, the good ole days of yonder have got some stiff competition today and in fact I think you could easily argue that the good ole days are now. And some data found in the most recent issue of Field & Stream proves my point very nicely…

– Since 1970…

Pope & Young record book entries are up 4,213%

– Up to 1970 there were only 581 bucks in the P&Y record books, in the past 10 years there have been over 25,000!

– Boone & Crockett entries are up 707%

– and overall deer populations are up 200%!

If those numbers don’t impress, I don’t know what will. So while we may still be stuck with crazy anti’s in the government and media, men who spend more time on their skin than outside, and kids who do nothing but play video games…at least we can say that when it comes to whitetail hunting, the good ole days are now.