Good news Nation, there looks to be a bit of a heat wave coming across the country next week! Hopefully we’ll get a little bit of a snow melt and maybe we’ll all be able to get out and have some luck with sheds. You know what else is happening next week? Valentines Day. So for my fellow guys out there, be warned. I’ve come to learn that shed hunting, reading Field & Stream or watching hunting DVDs are all  unacceptable excuses for forgetting about V-day. Hopefully this reminder can keep a few of you out of the dog house this year! Haha. In more important news, there were a lot of great whitetail related posts this week online! So check out the best of the blogosphere below.

Q&A With Bill Winke of Midwest Whitetail – Non-Typical Pursuits: A great interview with outdoor writer and host of Midwest Whitetail, Bill Winke. Bill is one of the most respected and accomplished  figures in the hunting industry, and his insight is always worth hearing.

Don’t Miss “The Wild Within” on the Travel Channel – A great summary of a new hunting related show on the Travel Chanel hosted by outdoor writer Steve Rinella. I first came upon Steven’s work in a book called “American Buffalo” In Search of a Lost Icon” and immediately was impressed. Sounds like this show will showcase hunting on a national stage in a really positive light. I’m really excited to start tuning in.

Wisconsin Has A New Top Typical Whitetail – Whitetail 365: A new record typical in Wisconsin has be officially measured! Check out this brute.

New Research: CWD Has Potential To Morph Into New Disease – The Rub Line: New research has shown that the CWD disease has the potential to evolve into a form that could possibly effect humans. Likely, no…but supposedly possible.

Kansas Crazy Tine Buck: The Best Hunting Story Ever Posted on Big Deer – Mike Hanback’s Big Deer:  A really great story about the healing power of hunting. Everyone needs a feel good story to get their weekend off to a good start!