I recently posed a question on several online message boards that generated quite a response, so I thought it was worth bringing up here again on Wired To Hunt. My question is this, what was the greatest moment of your 2010 season?

For many, it might have been a giant buck hitting the ground, but not I. No, I ended this past season with no horns for the wall, but despite that, I can’t help but feel that I still came away with some great experiences. And as I look back on 2010, several moments stick out to me as the most exciting and memorable. If  you don’t mind, I’d love to share them with you.

My Best Friend’s First Deer: Things got kicked off early, with an incredibly exciting moment on the first full day of hunting for the 2010 year. It was October 2 and my father and best friend Josh were in town to hunt on my new property. More than anything I wanted my dad to get a deer or Josh to shoot his first. And on this cold and rainy afternoon, I didn’t have to wait too long. At about noon I hiked Josh out to a brushy point that extends into a corn field. This was an area where we had been getting tons of trail cam pics of several different bucks. We hastily got his stand set and I took off back to the truck as I watched Josh get settled in the tree.

I then hit the highway and drove 40 minutes to another property where I thought I might have a better chance at the class of buck I was looking for. Well not an hour or so after I got situated in my stand, I felt my phone vibrate and I quickly saw the notification flash across my screen letting me know a text message was waiting….Next thing I saw was this…

Josh: OMG OMG I just shot a buck!

I couln’t believe what I was seeing! Blood plunged through my veins at record pace, my heart beat out of my chest and I just about screamed. I was so down right ecstatic for Josh. From there our conversation consisted of a lot of exclamation marks, expletives and congratulations. I was just about as excited as I have ever been in a hunting situation. I can’t even describe in words how absolutely thrilled I was for my buddy. I quickly got down from my stand and just barely avoided falling to my death, as my hands were shaking so bad.

Once I reached my truck I headed back to my farm as fast as I possibly could. Plenty of hugs, beers and laughs were shared when I arrived and the celebration began. He had gotten off a clean 20 yard shot at a 9 point buck and he stuck him right behind the shoulder. I was just as happy then as I was when I shot my first deer, probably even happier! Unfortunately this tale took a sad turn when we could not recover his buck. Big bucks be warned though, Josh officially has the fever and he’ll be back in 2011.

A Monster Encounter: Let me set the stage. We had been hunting Illinois hard for four days in late November and had yet to put eyes on a shooter. I in fact had not had a legitimate encounter with a buck to that point in 2010 that I actually wanted to shoot. Not one! Luckily, things changed on this frigid Friday morning and I finally felt that rush that we all know and love. Rather than me write about what happened, why don’t you check out my first hand recount of this great moment, right after it happened…

The Best Moments of My 2010 Season from Mark Kenyon on Vimeo.

Although 2010 ended differently than I had hoped, I without a doubt will cherish these memories and many more for a lifetime. While the mounts on our walls will some day slowly deteriorate, the memories will never leave us. And perhaps that is the greatest trophy of them all.

So what were your greatest moments of the 2010 season?