I’ve recently been working on a visual representation of what Wired To Hunt is all about, so that someone new to our community here could get a quick idea of what it means to be Wired To Hunt. This culminated in a sort of video trailer that I’ve posted on our About Page and hopefully can be shared with others across the web to spread the word about the Wired To Hunt Nation. Now I’m no professional when it comes to video production, I’ve learned everything on my own with the help of online forums and generous friends. But I hope that what I’ve been able to put together will represent our work here and you, the Wired To Hunt Nation, in a positive way. Feel free to take a look at our video below, I hope you enjoy it and I’d love to hear what you think! Keep an eye out for much more video content in 2011 and the plan is for the quantity and quality to continue to improve at a dramatic pace!

What do you guys think?! Are you Wired To Hunt?