Today is a great day. Not only is it Friday, but it’s also not freeze your #$! off cold for once! So, for what it’s worth, my recommendation would be to throw a jacket or sweat shirt on and go enjoy the great outdoors! But first, take a second to read on up some of the best deer hunting posts from this past week in the blogosphere!

Shed Hunting Tips From Expert Shed Hunter and Author Joe Shead – Wired To Hunt: A shameless plug here! But with the warm weather upon us, shed hunting tips are in high demand! So read up on these great tips from Joe Shead and then check out the other 4 shed hunting posts we link to in this article!

Nebraska Giant Buck Update – Largest US Typical Tagged in 39 year – Whitetail 365: The Nebraska buck we covered back this fall has now been officially scored. And guess what, it’s still a giant! But supposedly it is now the #7 typical of all time and the largest typical taken in the US in 39 years. Impressive.

Dog Bone Shed Retrieving System – Mike Hanback’s BIG DEER: An interesting preview of a new training toy that simulates an antler to help get your dog picking up sheds!

Brain Infections Can Cause Weird Antlers – QDM Works: Once again, another fascinating article from Lindsay Thomas Jr of Quality Whitetails magazine. Lindsay explores the effects that a brain abscess can have on the formation of a deer’s antlers. Super interesting. If you have any interest in deer and proper deer management, you need to be following QDM Works.

Rare Moment Caught By Trail Camera – HuntMO365: Avid hunter Andy Yost caught the actual shedding of a buck’s antler on trailcam video, something few people ever see, so check it out here!