The hunting film industry took off  years ago with the likes of Buckmasters, the Drury’s and other popular hunting videos and DVDs. In recent years the expansion of hunting cable networks has increased the number of hunting shows ten fold and now with the explosion of high speed internet and social media, the rise of the online hunting show has begun. The online medium has opened up a whole new world of possibilities with semi-live releases of episodes, interactive videos and  instant access availability. Online hunting shows have changed the game and it’s safe to say that they’re popularity will only continue to rise. So today, while still in their infancy, lets take a look at a few of today’s  top online hunting shows.

Midwest Whitetail: MW, pictured above, was one of the first and definitely the most successful online hunting show to hit the web. Created by acclaimed whitetail writer Bill Winke, Midwest Whitetail has been so succesful that it recently has begun airing on the Sportsman Channel as well! With unique shows for all the midwest states and new episodes aired weekly during the season, you’ll be hard pressed to find more up-to-date and high quality video coverage of deer hunting online.

Bow Hunt Or Die: Produced by the crew, Bow Hunt Or Die has become one of the absolute best destinations online for great deer hunting action on film. Todd Graff and Justin Zarr host this weekly online show as the pro staff chases monster bucks across Illinois, Wisconsin and other locales across the country. These guys have been putting some really good footage together and their coverage of the season and off-season is top notch. On top of the great videos, they also have a great bowhunting blog featuring authors such as yours truly! haha.

Whitetails Inc: Created by Todd Pringnitz of White Knuckle Productions, Whitetails Inc is another really great online hunting show. If you’ve enjoyed the WKP DVDs, you’ll love Whitetails Inc. I love Todd’s unbridled enthusiasm for the hunt and the fact that all of the hard work and prep for a hunt is featured. This isn’t a show featuring kill shot after kill shot, instead you get a behind the scenes look at all that goes into the year round pursuit of mature whitetails.

Growing Deer TV: Created by renowned wildlife biologist Dr. Grant Woods, Growing Deer TV is the #1 resource I know of for great video tips on deer, deer hunting and deer management. Weekly episodes cover everything from food plot strategies, to management philosophies and deer hunting tips. If you’re looking to learn, Growing Deer TV is a must watch show.

Work’n Class Whitetails: Most of the Work’n Class Whitetails crew has been involved with the Work’n Class Whitetail DVDs, but now these boys have partnered with Realtree to develop an online show that will be airing on The first few episodes are up now!

Reality Driven Pursuits:  A group of avid hunters from the midwest have teamed up to chase monster whitetails and just about anything else that you can find roaming the woods. I had the privilege to hunt with Chad Searcey, founder of RDP, this past November and I can assure you that these guys are doing some good work.

Here are a few more up and coming online hunting shows that are worth checking out! Full Drawn PursuitGreenback Tactical HuntersThe Chase Outdoors .

Be sure to keep an eye out for more great video from Wired To Hunt this year as well, including semi-live episodes throughout the 2011 season!

Now I know there are plenty more online shows popping up every day, so if you know of any others that we should check out, let us know in the comments!