“I love maps and aerial photos of hunting land,  I can’t get enough of them.  I stare at them for hours.  Over the past 20 years I have spent hundreds of hours learning to recognize great stand sites, the best food plot locations and the ideal entry and exit strategies directly from these studies.  I would love to be able to help the Wired to Hunt Nation develop great strategies for the properties they hunt.”

– Bill Winke, Midwest Whitetail

Just picked up a new piece of land and are trying to figure out how you’re going to attack it in 2011? Or maybe you’ve been hunting your “back 40” for years, but you’ve yet to really wrap your head around the best strategy for hunting it? Whatever your situation might be, I know we all have plenty to learn about the best strategies for hunting and managing our properties. If it wasn’t a lifelong learning process, it wouldn’t be so much fun! And that’s why I’m so excited to share with the Wired To Hunt Nation a new opportunity to get an expert opinion on your very own hunting land! As the old saying goes, two heads are better than one, and that second head is especially helpful when it’s Bill Winke!

Now who is Bill Winke? Bill is a household name for most hardcore hunters, but if you’re not familiar, he is one of the most published and respected whitetail writers in the outdoor journalism community and the creator/host of Midwest Whitetail. Midwest Whitetail is the incredibly popular new hunting show featured on MidwestWhitetail.com and the Sportsman Channel, which we just posted about yesterday on W2H as one of the top online hunting shows of 2011! Needless to say, Bill is one of the most renowned whitetail hunters in America and his opinion and advice is considered gold to those who seek monster whitetails. Few of us will ever have the opportunity to learn as much as he has over his many years studying and chasing mature bucks across the midwest, but now we’ll have a chance to reap some of the benefits of his experience.

Bill recently announced a new service he’ll be providing this year, in which he will remotely study your hunting property via aerial maps, discuss the details of the property with you over the phone and then develop a comprehensive hunting and management strategy for your very own piece of whitetail heaven.

In the words of Bill himself, ” If you want a very simple summary of what this service entails, look at it this way: assume you just gave me permission to hunt the area.  It is the only spot I will have to hunt this fall and I need to get everything squared away before I drive out there and start putting up stands.  I will ask the same kinds of questions and put in the same level of study that I would invest if I were going to hunt it myself.”

Bill and his partner Greg Clements will analyze your property and mark up an aerial map, including the top 10 stand locations, entry and exit routes and even food plot locations. Included in this comprehensive report will also be overall strategy notes such as what stands to hunt during different parts of the year, which stands should be hunted often or sparingly and much more in regards to how to most effectively hunt your property.

This is obviously a unique and intriguing opportunity for avid deer hunters across the country and for those looking to take their hunting property to the next level, this may be just the ticket. For more information about Bill’s new property consulting service, check out his own blog post,  which covers specific instructions and details on how this service will take place and what will be provided. To sign up immediately for Bill to analyze your property, click here to enter the consulting services purchase page.