If you’ve been following Wired To Hunt over the last year you’ve probably heard of HeadHunters TV a time or two and I imagine you’ll hear about it quite a few more times in the future. Premiering on The Outdoor Channel this July, HeadHunters TV is looking like one of the most unique and anticipated shows to hit the Tube in a long time and I’m certainly looking forward to it. Created by Randy Birdsong, formerly of Whitetail Freaks, HeadHunters will feature the trials and tribulations of four hardcore hunters in their quest to produce an outdoor tv show at the highest level. In addition to Randy, you’ll meet Shawn Luchtel, Nate Hosie and Troy Ruiz. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the whole crew and not only are they good guys, but they’re also really serious about creating something with HeadHunters that has never been seen before. And today the world can finally get a glimpse at what that’s going to look like. Check out the first trailer for HeadHunters TV below and be sure to watch for more from the HeadHunters crew on Wired To Hunt.

If you’re interested in learning more about HeadHunters TV check out our video interview with the HH team at ATA in January and our interview with Shawn Luchtel last fall!

What do you guys think of the trailer?