Just last night I came upon some interesting data from the 2011 QDMA Whitetail Report in regards to the age class of bucks taken across the United States. I was both surprised by the percentage of yearling bucks taken in some midwest and northeast states and the amount of mature bucks taken in other states, especially in the south. It’s definitely interesting data and it was rather eye opening for me. I wrote up a full post on this for my Bowhunting.com blog and if you’re interested, feel free to check it out.

Here’s a teaser….In 2007 67% of bucks taken in Minnesota were 1 1/2 year olds and in 2009 66% of bucks taken in Mississippi were 3 1/2 year olds! Talk about two ends of the spectrum.

2009 Buck Harvest By Age Class – You Might Be Surprised!