This past January at the ATA show in Indianapolis, Bowtech made one of the biggest splashes with the release of it’s new bow, The Invasion. Possibly the most hyped product coming into the show and definitely one of the most talked about afterwards, The Invasion looks to be one nasty bow. Helping build the anticipation and interest in the release, Bowtech put together a pretty elaborate unveiling ceremony at ATA and I’m sure many of you heard about it or were actually there. For those that missed it, I thought we’d share a pretty cool video of this event at ATA. I’ve heard rave reviews from folks that have shot this bow, so it certainly isn’t just hype, but I’ve yet to try it for myself.

Take a look at this video showcasing the new Invasion and the events surrounding it’s release this January, pretty neat stuff! And if you’re looking for more information about this bow, check out my interview with a Bowtech rep at the 2011 ATA show.