I took a deep breath, exhaled and drew back. Once I hit the back wall and anchored my string against my nose, I watched the pin waver across the brown mass until I finally settled in behind the front leg. Another breath in and out. In and out. Exhale…

I had a perfect broadside shot at 10 yards, but I never did release. And that sure is a good thing, because that whole time I was holding on a large painting of a deer on my wall!

As crazy as it sounds, whether I’m inside our out, I try to maintain consistent practice with my bow throughout the entire year. And regardless of the weather, there are plenty of ways to physically prepare yourself for hunting in the off season. That’s exactly what I was doing last night. One way that I’ve described before and used many times is to practice drawing back and aiming in your house. I’ll often watch hunting shows and practice drawing on deer or even draw and hold on the deer pictures on my walls like I did in this story. Just the act of holding and aiming will help build your muscle memory and keep your muscles toned throughout the year. And while working on these exercises, it’s also a great time to fine tune your form. So if you plan on practicing in the house or heading outside to actually fling some arrows soon, here are a few tips for you to keep in mind to improve your form and in the end your accuracy with a bow. John Dudley, tournament archer, hunter and host of Nock On TV, produced this quick clip of simple but very important archery form tips. Check this out, focus on these aspects of your form and I guarantee you’ll begin to see improvements. Also keep an eye out for an interview with John Dudley on Wired To Hunt coming soon!

For more information about John Dudley and Nock On TV, which is currently airing on the Sportsman Channel, check out the Nock On website.

In addition to the clip above, you might also want to check out a video I created last summer that explains a simple exercise I complete to simulate shooting while under the effect of buck fever. You can check that out here.