I’m writing to you tonight/this morning from a cramped airliner seat, within a stuffy old plane stranded in the middle of the Detroit Airport tarmac which is being pelted with 30 MPH winds, sleet and rain. It’s been four hours since I was due to take off, but still, here we are. That being said, hopefully by the time you’re reading this I’ll be safely arriving in New York City for my business trip, albeit most likely struggling after a sleepless night. But all my worries aside, at least I had some good reading to keep me occupied tonight. So take a look below at some of my favorite blog posts from across the web that have kept me busy tonight and hopefully will be a welcome distraction for you this weekend!

What’s The Best Food Plots For Deer & Turkey’s – The Rub Line: Take a look at some advice from renowned whitetail expert, Charles Alsheimer, as he discusses the best overall food plots for deer & turkeys.

Montana: Wanna Hunt Deer With A Spear? – Mike Hanback’s Big Deer Blog: Interesting commentary on the proposal being pushed in Montana to allow hunters the use of a spear in their big game pursuits. If it was legal in your state, would you use a spear?

Guidelines for Purchasing a Recreational Property – Dream Dirt: Some great tips for anyone considering buying their own hunting land from the experts at Whitetail Properties.

Anti-hunters – The Wild Withing Blog: An interesting look at anti-hunters and the faulty logic they use in persecuting hunters as told by Steve Rinella of The Wild Withing. You’ll definitely want to read this one.

Late Winter Stress – Growing Deer TV Blog: Dr Grant Woods explains the importance of understanding the limiting factor on a property to help improve your habitat for deer, especially during these stressful late winter periods.