As usual here on Wired To Hunt, we like to feature the monsters of Michigan and ain’t this one a beauty! LoL.

As I dodged thorns and pine branches on Saturday afternoon, a shot of adrenaline rushed through me when I heard the word “FINALLY!!!” come echoing across the swamp. My buddy Corey had found our first (and last) shed of the day! And although his shed won’t be winning any prizes, it was still a relief to know we wouldn’t be going home completely empty handed.

Corey and I were planning on heading to SW Ohio this past weekend in search of new hunting property and monster sheds, but unfortunately at the last minute a wrench got thrown into our plans and we couldn’t leave town Saturday morning. Despite the change-up, we’ll  be making our journey next weekend, with a full two days at our disposal. So in an effort to still accomplish something this weekend, Corey, myself and our buddy Jeremy headed out shed hunting in South Central Michigan. And although we ended up only finding one shed, we did  cover some really good looking ground, came across several deads and bumped a whole slew of deer along the way. Surprisingly one of the deer we bumped was a small 8 point buck still holding both sides!

So while we came back home to our ladies with only a small spike to show, you still couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces that can only come from a long day in the woods with good friends. And despite our slow day of shed hunting, we’ll be back at it again soon in Michigan and Ohio. We’ll keep you posted!

Have you guys been having better luck shed hunting?