For the few of you that are somehow not sick of reading or hearing about my hunting adventures, I’ve got exciting news! I was recently interviewed by Peter Wood on the outdoor “podcast” (online radio show) Hunt Talk and this broadcast is now available online! Also included in this segment is an interview with the CEO of 3rd Arm camera arms!

In my interview we discuss my first season filming hunts and several tips I have for fellow hunters out there who are getting into videoing! Much of what I cover was outlined in my post a month or so ago about the lessons I learned during my first season filming, but I elaborate a good bit more in this interview. So check it out if you want by clicking the link below, let us know what you think and don’t laugh too much…I’m not sure if I have a voice for radio! haha

Hunt Talk – Six Essential Tips for Better Hunt Videos and What One Piece of Equipment Will Make or Break Your Video Hunt

“Wired to Hunt Founder Mark Kenyon divulges his essential top six tips to video a hunt. Dean Scott CEO of The 3rd Arm explains what to look for before purchasing a video camera support arm.”