March Madness has officially begun, and already for me, it’s become March Sadness. My Michigan State Spartans lost a close one last night and I now have no reason to turn the TV on for the next 3 weeks. That being said, I’m going to try and keep my mind off of my basketball blues by focusing on some big bucks. Specifically, Ohio big bucks. But more on that later. For now, take a look at these great posts from across the hunting blogosphere and good luck shed hunting this weekend!

Oldie But A Goodie – Big Buck Zone: Here’s a story of a great buck Mark Kayser took this past season. Love this buck’s big curling brow tines.

What To Look For When Scouting Your Deer Woods – The Rub Line: Deer & Deer Hunting’s Dan Schmidt explains some good tips for scouting right now!

Saskatchewan: Massive Drop Club Buck Nets 248 Non-typical – Mike Hanback’s Big Deer: The title says it all, check out this absolute MONSTER buck shot in Canada. 248″ of nasty kickers, drops, mass and everything else you could ever want. Wow. That’s all I can say.

If It’s Not In The Dirt, It Can’t Get To The Antler – Growing Deer TV Blog: Dr Grant Woods makes some great points about the importance of soil tests when it comes to planting food plots.

Four QDM Lessons I Learned From Sawtooth Oak – QDM Works: A great post from Lindsay Thomas Jr as he discusses some important lessons he learned about quality deer management in an unlikely way.

Jambalaya with Antelope Sausage and Shrimp – From Forest To Fork: A realllllly tasty looking recipe for wildgame jambalaya that I’m definitely going to try. You should be able to substitute venison sausage in for this one, so put last falls whitetail to good use and give this one a try!