Last fall I hunted Nebraska, Michigan, Illinois and Pennsylvania and although it was a great experience, my success rate was less than stellar. So this year my game plan has changed. I’m staying close to home, narrowing my focus and notching up my preparation to a new level. In addition to my home state of Michigan, I’ve decided to target Ohio as my one out of state big buck option and my mission to knock down a bruiser buckeye started today.

With a full weekend at our disposal, my buddy Corey and I made the trip down to Highland County, Ohio to check out some properties and get in a little shed hunting. Today we were able to get access to shed hunt on five of the eight properties we asked and managed to walk a couple of them this afternoon. We only came up with one chewed up shed for all of our walking, but I’ve got high hopes for tomorrow. Hopefully in the AM we’ll find a few more sheds and lock down hunting access on a couple of these properties.

Cross your fingers for us!