As we cruised north on Interstate 75 heading home to Michigan, I couldn’t help but feel satisfied. To be honest that was in part because I just relieved myself after 3 hours stuck in the truck. But also because of the results of our weekend in Ohio!  Did we have a good shed hunting weekend? No. Not at all.  But regardless of that, it was still a very successful weekend and a fun one on top of that. Two days of nonstop whitetail talk, shed hunting, and hiking the rolling hills of Ohio. Not too bad of a way to spend a weekend in March If I say so myself.

Like I mentioned this Saturday on W2H, on day one we got permission to shed hunt on five properties and we put a lot of miles on our boots. Unfortunately  we only had one, year old shed to show for it. Day two was much more of the same, with a 7:00 AM wake up call pushing us out the door and into the early morning chill. The second morning involved lots of walking, plenty of prickers in my face and one seriously small shed. We also came upon a dead 2.5 year old 8 pointer on the same property, but that was it! After hiking a few more properties and braving some rain, we decided to call it a day and head for our final gauntlet of the weekend. Asking for hunting permission on our top property.

Luckily fate was on our side, and we obtained access to our #1 spot! Lady luck was definitely with us, but I also have to give a big shoutout to my buddy Corey, who put in some tremendous time and effort into locating our target properties and mapping out who to talk to and where to look. It really paid off for us in the end. Once we knew we had one piece locked down in Highland County, we headed East to meet with Mike Murtland of Whitetail Properties.

Mike is an agent for Whitetail Properties in Ohio and we were hoping to pick his brain about property in the area and shoot the deer hunting shit. And that we did! Mike is a great guy and a hardcore deer hunter just like myself and Corey, so we had a good ole time swapping stories and talking strategy. Needless to say, Mike has some really great properties for sale, that any whitetail freak would give a left arm for. We’ll most likely be checking out a few this summer, and we’ll be sure to keep you guys posted. But if you’re interested in the meantime, check out some of the properties Mike has in Ohio by visiting Mike’s page on the Whitetail Properties website.

So all this being said, the weekend was without a doubt a success. Despite the fact that our shed finds are laughable at best, we did end up coming back with access to a dynamite property and a lot of good stories. Our next trip to Ohio is planned for midsummer, when we’ll be putting out trail cameras and BB2, and then hopefully capturing some great velvet footage of some Ohio monsters.

Hopefully it will be footage of bigger bucks than the one that left this behind!