Did you know that Alfalfa may be one of the best warm season deer forages in areas that are arid and drought prone, but it needs a PH level of 6.5-7.0 to flourish?  Or that Ladino Clover is a top perennial choice in many areas, with 30% protein and 60-80% digestibility? How about this one. Were you aware that when growing Clover, it’s often a good idea to mix in some small grains, such as cereal rye? Maybe you knew that the best design for a food plot that you want to bowhunt is long and skinny?

Now I can’t say this for everyone, but I imagine many of you didn’t know these things. And how could we be expected to!? There is a TON of information needed when it comes to putting together a food plot strategy and much of it is beyond the typical hunters every day knowledge. That’s where Quality Food Plots comes in. Without a doubt, this is the best food plot guide I have come across and I can confidently recommend it to anyone interested in planting food plots for deer.

I’ve read several food plots books, read an absolute plethora of articles and have been to a few seminars, all in an effort to better understand how to use food plots in my hunting and management strategy. I’ve digested a lot of food plot know-how, but no single source has better armed me for planting success than Quality Food Plots. Whether you are a food plot virgin or a grizzled old plotting veteran, Quality Food Plots will have something for you. For beginners, this book covers the considerations you need to keep in mind before planting, proper soil preparation and insight into what forage types will work in your situation. For more advanced food plot users, QFP includes detailed species profiles of all the major food plot forages, advanced techniques for hunting plots and suggestions for optimal seed blends. If you have any kind of question related to food plots, I can almost guarantee it will be covered in some way in Quality Food Plots.

Published by the Quality Deer Management Association, Quality Food Plots was put together by some of the top whitetail hunting and food plot planting experts in the country. Needless to say, the information and advice found in this book is top notch.   In addition to high quality information, the aesthetics and readability of this book are top shelf. Reading a book about seeds and soil might be bland for some folks, but QFP is put together in such a fashion that it keeps your attention, educates in an easily understandable way and illustrates in vivid color and clarity. I read through this book in just a few days, and not because it’s a light read, rather because it’s incredibly interesting and formatted in a very digestable way . (No pun intended haha)

I’ll be planting a lot of plots this spring and summer and I know without a doubt that QFP will help me in this endeavor. So if you’re looking to learn more about food plots this year, Quality Food Plots is the first book you should pick up!

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