Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine recently featured a story by Les Davenport, in which he explores the history of massive typical whitetails shot in North America, specifically those shot with a bow. Surpassing 200″ as a “typical” whitetail is an astounding feat that only a select few deer have ever managed to do, but actually harvesting one is an even less likely accomplishment. The most recent monster typical buck to fit into this category was shot in Nebraska this past fall, but that was the first 200″ typical taken in 39 years, with gun or bow! That being said, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the current Pope & Young world record typical (shot w/bow) has held that position for the past 45 years! Mel Johnson of Peoria, Illinois was the lucky man to sling an arrow at that 204″ bruiser in 1965 and still today it has not been touched by another bow kill.

So all this being said, the author goes on to ask, where will the next Pope & Young world record typical be taken?

His answer may surprise you. Was it Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Saskatchewan? No….He predicts Ohio.

“My new pick would be Ohio – where agriculture meets big woods. Conscientious herd management by Buckeye State deer managers makes this a very probable pick. The one-buck limit and an aggressive approach to reducing poaching might well give that one young buck the chance it needs to become a top-all typical.”

– Les Davenport

Once again, another great confidence booster for me and my decision to hunt Ohio hard this fall! So what do you guys think? Is Ohio the most likely spot for the next P&Y world record typical to be killed or somewhere else?