As many of you know, when it came to my 2010 hunting season, few things went quite as planned. And I suppose thats a big part of why I love hunting so much, you just never know what to expect. Whether it was severe thunder storm warnings in Illinois or 80 degree heat in the middle of the rut, we certainly had a few wrenches thrown our way. I’m sure many of you can relate. Interestingly though, this major reality of our pasttime is rarely captured on video and shared with others. Given that fact, I was  happy to see two recent videos from my buddy Todd Pringnitz  that really captured the frustrations of bowhunting well. As Todd calls it, persevering through the dark side of bowhunting can be a gut wrenching endeavor, but that just makes our eventual successes that much more meaningful.

That being said, I thought it would be great today to share Todd’s experiences with “The Dark Side” to give us all a little bit of entertainment in the middle of the week and a reminder that we’re not the only ones cussing up a storm in the treestand! haha. Check out the recent Whitetails Inc episodes, The Dark Side Part 1 and 2, to get a rarely seen look at the struggles of being a hardcore whitetail hunter. I’m sure you’ll feel Todd’s pain. I certainly did!

Whitetails INC: Episode 13 – “The Dark Side – Part One” from Kyle Reenders on Vimeo.

Whitetails INC: Episode 14 – “The Dark Side – Part Two” from Kyle Reenders on Vimeo.


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