Every once in awhile a really cool new gadget or technology comes out that interests me not only as a tech geek, but also as a whitetail freak. And today I noticed one of those special innovations in the recent release of the “Shot Simulator” by Deer & Deer Hunting for the iPhone.

For those unfamiliar with Shot Simulator, here is a description per the iTunes app page.

“Learn and perfect your shot placement with this fully interactive 3D simulator. The DDH Shot Simulator provides you a look inside the deer and the trajectory through the vitals. Detailed instructions based on your arrows flight path in the simulator give real world instructions on how to best track and recover your deer. This is NOT a game… it’s a tool for the serious hunter.”

Many of you probably know that Shot Simulator has been available for awhile now on your desktop computer, but being able to bring this incredible tool with you into the woods makes it much more practical and usable in the everyday situations of a hunter. I can see this tool coming in very handy in the field. So many of us have been in the situation where you see the arrow enter a deer, but are still unsure of how good the hit was. Well now you can pull out your phone right away, angle the deer properly and touch the spot you saw the arrow enter. Shot Simulator will show you what vitals you hit and provide you expert tips on how to proceed from there. No more worrying for  hours as you replay the events in your head, unsure of what to do next. Instead you can now get instant insight into your shot’s effectiveness and then make an informed decision on a plan of action.

Helpful? Absolutely. Innovative? Without a doubt. So if I may, I’d like to send out a big thank you to Deer & Deer Hunting for continuing to provide hunters with the knowledge and tools necessary to better understand deer and become better deer hunters. It is really great to see hunting tools making the jump in to the next generation. My only complaint is that I don’t  see this available for Android yet! That being said, as soon as I can get this on my Droid, I’ll be putting it to good use!

To check out the Shot Simulator for your iPhone, iPad or iPod, visit the Shot Simulator app page on iTunes.