Monster gobblers hung up a ridge away. Thunder chickens putt putting away as you kick yourself for moving too fast. Heartbeats going a hundred miles a minute as a thundering gobbler approaches. I imagine many of you can relate, and in taking a brief pause from deer hunting, I put together a post last night for my blog that regailed a few of the best moments of my first real season turkey hunting. For those of you that have never chased turkeys before, I would have you know that it is an absolute blast. If you love deer hunting, I’d guess there’s a 99% chance that you’ll love turkey hunting too. So if you’re looking for a way to keep your hunting senses sharp this spring, grab a bow or gun, practice your calls and get out after those thunder chickens!

To get an idea of what I went through during my first season, check out my post on my blog!

Tales of a First Time Turkey Hunter – Blog

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