I realize it’s actually Sunday morning, but for consistency’s sake, I’m sticking with the Friday Morning Mashup title! Hopefully your weekend has been filled with turkeys, sheds or fresh air! And on that note, I’m just about to head out into the 75 degree weather here in Southern Michigan and do some late season shed hunting and scouting. While I’m at it, check out the deer hunting blog posts below from across the web!

Finding Trophy Bucks now – Big Buck Zone: Good tips on prepping for the hunting season right now in April! Scouting, shed hunting, hard work now pays off come November!

A Giant Wisconsin 14-pointer – The Rub Line: Check out this monster 14 point buck from Wisconsin, guess what it scores and be entered to win a new NAP arrow rest!

The Mental Side of Deer Hunting – Mike Hanback’s Big Deer: A great post about how a big part of deer hunting is mental.

“Scouting, setting stands, etc. is physical. After that it’s 90% in your head. Can you hang on stand for 10 hours a day? Do you pull yourself out of bed at 4:00 a.m. to go back when you haven’t seen a shooter in weeks? How do you handle it if you bust a big buck or miss?” -Mike

How Much Hunting Pressure Can A Buck Withstand? – Stick’em Archery: And interesting look at opinions on how much pressure deer can handle before moving on or going nocturnal. Particularly relevant to folks hunting in high pressure states like Michigan, Pennsylvania or New York.